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The Team

Ian "Woodsy" Woods (Ian the Builder) - trying to look like an executive with that dodgy briefcase. Very good with AutoCAD - he does all the drawings from Alan's architectural designs. Good with a theodolite and a creative thinker. I have a couple of concerns about him though - like me he is a West Ham supporter, and he has very scary taste in suede footwear as you can see. (are they on the wrong feet?) You can reach Woodsy on woods@irwoods.co.uk

Paul - digger driver extrodinaire. Another West Ham fan who blames my presence at Upton Park during the 5th round replay for The Irons getting beat 3-0 by Fulham. He has got a big yellow digger to play with now so is much happier than he was here. 

Mick - keeps smiling through adversity, great at driving the dumper, not so good at parking it. Good footballer in his day (according to him) but is known as "no-legs" in Guildford. Not sure why.

Big Mick (Paul & Mick's Dad). Driver of the big dumper truck and master of the one-liner. Does not seem to be a West Ham supporter despite his two sons allegences.

Peter the Tree Surgeon with a couple of his "babies". A Liverpool supporter from Liphook (a bit of a trek from the Mersey), very good at not bringing down power lines. As you can see he is a very tall bloke (that's my garden shed he is standing by!) so doesn't need ladders ;-)

Geoff - builder extrodinaire. Bit of a Hell's Angel on the side (Guildford British Legion Chapter). Good with drawings - when he remebers his glasses. Stickler for detail and steady pair of hands - very good to have around.

Daz - son of Geoff, all round nice guy and master roofer - he can't wait to lay 55,000 irregular hand-made clay tiles. Daz has been with us for a while now but didn't allow photographs until he got his hair "just-so". Nice

This is Chatty. Brickies labourer and top bloke ( I will let you guess how he got his nickname). I am running a quiz this week: of this picture and the one below, which one do you think he posed for? Answers on a postcard...                                                        

"Hmmm ... I must have a talk to the architect about that soffit detailing ...."

The team enjoying a cup of Earl Grey and cucumber sandwiches, discussing the nuances of the Royal Ballet's recent staging of Swan Lake.

We are lucky enough to have a lot of wildlife at Longmoor Lodge, and recently we have seen another rare species in the garden. The Common or Garden Brickie (Brickus Whingeicus) has been paying us an occasional visit. Easily scared off, this shy, delicate and vulnerable species is a welcome visitor in the garden, but is sensitive to the weather. This is Ritchie, alpha male and leader of the gang.

Bob, an artiste with a beeze block - this is him smiling.

Wayne - top brickie. Not sure what was wrong when I took this picture - maybe trapped wind.

This is top chippie Thierry Andre. I think his real name is Terry Andrews but he reckons the french version makes him seem more exotic in Guildford.

Nick, our other top chippie. The team think that Nick has a sideline as a body double for Matt Lucas in "Little Britain" - this is him below apparently ...

"The only gay in the village"

Scud the dog. The only guard dog that is scared of the dark! Although she is not too keen on beards, strangers and anyone climbing gates or fences. Been for a walk in a muddy puddle in preparation for this photo-session

Jo (the one on the right). In charge of rental property search, relocation, packing, storage, school runs, kitchen and bathroom selection, making tea, giving me threatening looks, asking sensible questions, throwing away junk, keeping the dog out of the holes, keeping children out of the cement mixer, helping me keep my sense of perspective

Me (and Rosie). A living embodiment of the saying “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Labourer’s assistant; fretting continuously about budget; confusing the terminology; World-class barista

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http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/UK_Selfbuild/ If you are even vaguely contemplating building a house join this group. I steal all my good ideas from the helpful people who populate it.

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