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Final Update - 12th January 2006

There is now a more accurate ccount of Longmoor Lodge on the 'History' page kindly provided by a previous owner - check it out.                         

This website forms a record of the demolition and subsequent construction of a new house at Longmoor Lodge in the country near Wokingham, Berkshire.

This is a pretty scary time, because Longmoor Lodge is our home, and as somebody said to me today, when you demolish your house there is no going back.

What we are aiming to do in the new build is I believe, quite special. We are taking advantage of a number of ecological systems that will hopefully, deliver some pretty low running costs while we do our bit to save the planet. 

I am not a builder and I have never done anything remotely like this before. I actually work in the software business and have a great interest in audio and visual systems and home-automation. I plan for the new house to be a "smart home"

On this siteI  share the design principles of both the building and the concept. I also write a diary of progress of the build. I also hope to set up either a webcam or a elapsed time camera to show progress, and I will of course, put lots of other photos up on the site.

We have embarked on the biggest and scariest adventure of our lives here at Longmoor Lodge, please pop back and check on our progress.

Mark Taylor  mark@longmoorlodge.co.uk

This is Longmoor Lodge before demolition. Doesn't look too bad - the horror is hidden in this picture, I will reveal all on the history page.

Stripped of patios and borders, the house looks somewhat forlorn and ready to come down.

Nearly gone


The site with the drive area clear and in the foreground, the wellpoint system installed

Steel fixing for the basement slab being lifted in

The top of the basement walls sticking out of the ground.

The basement is finished! 

Going up at last!

Most of the ground floor windows and doors are in

Both chimneys complete!

Loaded out with tiles

Bay windows in and gable end tiled

Scaffolding getting lower

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